Most homeowners consider an in-ground pool to be an asset to their property, not a liability. However, there are many good reasons for wanting to get rid of your in-ground pool. Maybe you’re getting older and you no longer have the time and energy to devote to pool upkeep and maintenance. Maybe your children have grown up and they were the ones who used the pool. Or, maybe you are considering building an addition and need the land where the pool is standing. Whatever your reason for wanting to remove your swimming pool in Manassas, you need the experience and training of a pool removal specialist.

What’s involved with having your pool removed

Although it may sound complicated, removing your pool is a relatively simple process for an experienced pool removal specialist. In fact, our team can return your property to the way it was before you added the pool in a short period of time with very little interruption or mess.

To begin, we gather all of the necessary permits and paperwork from your local government. We also take the time to locate any underground cables, wires or gas lines before we begin demolition. Next, we drill a series of small holes in the concrete of your swimming pool, which allows the water inside the pool to gradually drain into the ground surrounding your pool. When all the water has drained, our pool removal team breaks up the concrete into pieces that can be hauled away and takes them to a local recycling center. Lastly, we bring in top soil and fill dirt to put in the hole where your swimming pool once stood. Within a short period of time, you won’t even be able to tell where the pool was. Of course, all of our pool removal technicians are licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about an accident or damage while we are working.

Manassas Virginia swimming pool removal

Removing a swimming pool does not make for a good do-it-yourself project. You need special equipment and training to do the job correctly. You also need contacts at recycling centers to make sure you have a place to go with the discarded concrete from the pool. To learn more about how our Manassas, Virginia area pool removal team can help you return your pool area to grassy lawn without undue mess or expense, contact Remove a Pool today.