When you need a simple, reliable McLean swimming pool removal solution, you can count on us to take good care of you and your property. We’re Remove A Pool and for more than 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners, Realtors, property managers, and real estate investors with our all-inclusive, fully licensed pool demolition and disposal services.

Our team of skilled, professional pool removal contractors have the experience and specialized equipment needed to disconnect your unwanted pool, remove it from your yard, and restore your property, leaving you with a clean, level, outdoor space to enjoy.

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

Have you ever dreamed of expanding your deck, creating a big outdoor kitchen, or planting a nice big garden?

If your old swimming pool is preventing you from enjoying your home, it might be time to have your pool taken out. Our comprehensive McLean swimming pool removal makes the process easy because we take care of everything from the demolition permits to filling and leveling the void where your pool once lived.

We offer two types of pool removal – partial and full. Our partial pool removal services are an affordable option for homeowners who are simply looking to expand their backyard by having their pool taken out, while our full pool removal service completely removes the entire structure of your pool and restores your property back to the condition it was in before there was a pool there.

You Deserve The Best Swimming Pool Removal Services in McLean

Here at Remove A Pool, we know you have better things to do than spend your time applying for demolition permits, searching for different contractors, and worrying about whether or not your pool removal will be done properly – that’s why we take care of all the permits, insurance, and skilled labor needed to complete your pool removal project.

Here’s what our all-inclusive swimming pool removal services cover:

  • Comprehensive site inspection and planning
  • Locating and marking off of all buried utility services near the project site
  • Purchasing any demolition projects needed
  • Completing soil testing as required
  • Disconnection of the water, gas, and electrical lines leading to your pool by licensed, insured contractors
  • Siphoning out all the standing water from your pool to protect your property from flooding
  • Demolition of the pool structure using proven techniques that won’t damage your home, landscaping, or fencing
  • Removal of all the debris for recycling at an approved waste management facility
  • Remediation of your yard, including filling and leveling the project site with clean sand, soil, and gravel
  • Planting grass seed to restore your lawn (upon request)

And because we’re sure you’ll be happy with our high-quality pool removal services for many years to come, we back all the work we do with our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

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