Is your outdated swimming pool the biggest obstacle to starting your new landscaping theme? Are you uncertain where to look for high-quality Montclair swimming pool removal? Acting as a leading resource, Remove A Pool provides efficient, safe pool removal services at a competitive price. Our knowledgeable team is ready to serve you.

Why Consider Swimming Pool Removal

Our past valued customers often share their reasons for engaging in our high-quality Montclair swimming pool removal services, which include:

  • Reclaim yard space for your next project
  • The pool is rarely in use.
  • The pool requires major repairs or complete replacement.
  • Rising maintenance and cleaning fees
  • The pool is a liability.
  • Getting ready to put the property on the market, removing the pool generates more potential buyers.

The above are just some of the reasons for swimming pool demolition.

A Proven Swimming Pool Removal Process Montclair

Our Remove A Pool VA specialists are highly trained, courteous professionals. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Free Estimate

The first step in the Montclair swimming pool removal process is a free estimate. When contacting us, we will go over all the necessary information about your pool removal needs. We will develop a plan of action and provide a free, no-obligation estimate.


Remove A Pool will research your local ordinance requirements. If needed, we will obtain the necessary permits for swimming pool removal in Montclair. By allowing us to do the paperwork, we are able to save time and money.

Demolition Process

Our Montclair swimming pool removal experts begin by disconnecting any remaining utilities and draining the pool. Using proven techniques and high-end machinery, our specialists work to clear your pool area to meet your expectations. We offer two types of pool removal service.

  • Partial: During the partial removal process, our team removes only the concrete. The rest of the pool is left in the ground. We bury the remaining structure with gravel and soil.
  • Full: Our demolition specialists remove your entire swimming pool from your property.

Removing any remaining debris, our team carefully packs and smooths the area. Helping to save our client’s money and preserving the environment, Remove A Pool always makes recycling a top priority.

If you need more information about our swimming pool removal in Montclair, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.