Reclaiming your yard space for a new building project or landscape theme? Is your outdated swimming pool in the way? Uncertain where to search for a highly reputable Mt.Vernon swimming pool removal company? Let us at Remove A Pool ease your worries. Our highly trained, experienced demolition specialists provide safe, efficient Mt. Vernon swimming pool removal services.

We understand the need for high-quality swimming pool removal in Mt. Vernon. Reclaiming your yard space is just one of many reasons for wanting to remove your swimming pool.

  • No one uses the pool anymore.
  • The pool needs costly repairs.
  • The pool was already on the property when you bought the house.
  • Placing your home on the market, removing the pool will attract more buyers.
  • The pool is a hazard for young children or pets.

The Pool Removal Process In Mt. Vernon 

Remove A Pool believes in complete customer commitment. We begin our highly rated pool removal process with a free estimate. At this time, our experts will gather your information and plan a course of action. After you accept our affordable estimate, we immediately go to work for you.

Prior to arriving at your property, our team will research the local requires for swimming pool removal in Mt. Vernon. Providing you with a stress-free experience, we acquire the necessary permits.

Remove A Pool offers two choices for removing your swimming pool. Both provide high-end results.

  • Partial Removal: Our experts break down and remove only the concrete from your swimming pool. The rest of the pool’s structure remains in the ground.
  • Full Removal: Our experts remove your entire swimming pool from your property.

We finalize both choices by filling in any open cavities with gravel and topsoil. Smoothing out the area to meet your specifications, our team is able to grade and prep the site, if needed.

If you have any further questions on Mt. Vernon swimming pool removal process, please call us at Remove A Pool today.