Swimming pool removal in Vienna, Virginia could be the best decision you make for your home and for your family. At Remove A Pool, our team can help you. We provide comprehensive pool removal services for the region. Our licensed and insured contractors are able to safely and effectively remove the pool from your backyard. You can then use this space for anything you may need. And, you can count on us to prepare your backyard for any type of goals you do have. Removing a swimming pool in may seem like a challenge, until our team steps in to help.

Key Benefits of Removing a Swimming Pool

In Vienna, swimming pool removal happens for many reasons. Some homeowners have to remove their existing pool because it is damaged or otherwise needs significant repairs. Other times, it is just too much of a hassle and a cost to you. You may want it gone so you do not have to repair it, clean it, maintaining it, and keep chemicals available for it. And, it can be a liability risk, too. Remove A Pool is happy to help you with competitive rates and comprehensive service. How can we help you today?

What Type of Pool Removal?

There are several options we can offer you for getting rid of your backyard pool. The first step is always to choose a method that properly and safely removes your pool. We always secure permits for the work we do according to your city’s laws. And, then, we will work to safely access the area doing the least amount of damage to your landscape. We will always work hard to keep you safe.

From here, we will schedule a time to arrive and then get to work. We will drill holes into the base of the pool to allow for water drainage as necessary. This is the most economic method for doing so. Once done, we will begin the demolishing process. We can remove the entire structure or just the upper portions of it. Our partial pool removal service will get rid of the upper portions by collapsing the structure inward. Our full pool removal service will remove the entire structure for you. We will then haul away the material and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. In either case, we will fill in the open space with gravel and dirt and compact it. We can even prepare it for the next type of use you have for it – whether this is open grass, a new pool, or some other need.

Our team does the hard work for you. As a licensed and insured team, Remove A Pool is always available to discuss your options with you. Removing a swimming pool in Vienna, Virginia only takes giving us a call. We can then provide a consultation to you and an estimate for the work to be done. Let us restore your backyard!